Penny's Puppy Pen

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Last night I mentioned I put together a wire dog enclosure to make Penny a nice comfy bed area where she couldn't roam free at night. Again, this is just to help her learn the rules and also for her to feel safe in our home. This is the kind of thing I'm talking about. It's great for taking to the park if you need a place to park a pack of puppies. Peter piper and pickled peppers. . . yes, I get it.

I think I got mine at PetSmart a while back. I used to have a pair of lop eared rabbits who were house broken and I would put them in this pen out in the yard so they would be safe.

Anyway, I remembered that I had this about 11pm last night. It was in the shed in my yard. So I snuck out very quietly so as not to bother my neighbors (I really try to be a considerate neighbor-succeeding is a whole other thing). I got the pen, turned around with it, tripped over something in the dark and dropped the whole thing on the patio. Loudly. Ooops.

After getting it in the house, I set up Penny's nighttime "puppy pen." She has her crate so she feels safe, food bowls, and a dog bed if she wants to come out of the crate. There is also a red, fuzzy dog shaped toy my my daughter got her the other night. Penny seems to be happy in her puppy pen. Can you see in the picture she's napping?

As I said last night, this worked great for puppy Ninja while we trained him. Unfortunately he got big quick and he learned that if he pushed against the sides of the puppy pen he could move the whole thing. My plan was to kennel train him for 6 weeks after he came home with us. We made it 4. The day I came home and the puppy pen was literally blocking the front door was the end. He was ready anyway.

I don't see Penny doing that. She doesn't seem to want to tear the thing apart to get out like Ninja did. She's happy to settle down for the night in her little puppy pen.


Mini Aussie Ace! said...

Congratulations on your new Family member! She is beautiful!! I look forward to more pictures and updates!!! :) Best of Luck!

Mini Aussie Ace! said...

PS-We live in a condo and i would LOVE to have a doggie door & yard for Ace to run around in..*sigh* day (hopefully soon) :)

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