The First Night. . . and Today

Monday, March 29, 2010

Today as soon as I got on the computer I ordered a new camera cable, thus ensuring that the minute I got home I would find the old one. And I did. It's a win win because now I have a backup camera cable for when I misplace the first one. Hey, it works for the battery charger!

More good news is that I can post pictures! Here is Penny Lane (her full name), resting on Ninja's bed in our family room while we are watching TV. She was so tired her eyes kept closing but she was still just a little too nervous to let herself go.

As I write this tonight, Penny is curled up in the same spot asleep, so I hope she will learn to relax just a little bit more around us day by day.

Here's a shot of her and Ninja together at the park when they first met on Saturday. She is laying down so she looks tiny compared to "Ninja-zilla." She is much smaller than he is but I think they make a handsome couple.

We had a quiet night, but I made a few training errors. I, for some reason, forgot that a new dog should be confined to a small area of the home at first while house breaking rules are enforced. I suppose fatigue (remember my weekend?) is partly to blame. At any rate, for my mistake there I ended up with a few doggy "mistakes."

Isn't it funny how we forget after such a short time all the things we did to train a puppy? I had to text my friend whose husband is a breeder to get tips on how to get Penny house trained properly in her new environment. I'll share those tips soon, because Ninja simply does not have potty errors and hasn't in a long, long time. I know Penny was house trained with her last family so she just needs to learn where to go in our house. I'm guessing it won't take long at all! You can't expect a pup with so much going on at once to be perfect in her new home from the first second. She's such a little love I can barely stand it!

The dog door will be a big help. I really admire people who live in apartments or places without yards and have the perseverance to take their dogs out whenever they need to. I'm not sure I would have the patience to take out the dogs in the middle of the night and as often as needed every day. With the dog door, Ninja comes in and out as needed and I don't have to do a thing. At least about taking him out to do his business. Once Penny gets used to the dog door and learns our house breaking rules, she'll be a happy lil dog, going in and out when she wants.

After dinner tonight we went to the dog park and Penny and Ninja ran and ran and played "let's herd each other." They were so tired by the time we got back they both flopped and went out, much earlier than last night. They were both a little restless last night, partly because I think they were getting used to each other but also I think a coyote was prowling the hills behind our house because all the dogs in the neighborhood were going nuts. Don't worry, our fenced yard is safe from coyote attacks. They can only walk by and look. Ninja would probably try to make friends with a coyote anyway, so it's just as well.

For tonight I'm making a kennel area in the kitchen with a metal fence/kennel thing that clips together. I'll put her crate in it, a blanket, and a dog bed, as well as her water dish. Penny can sleep in her crate, but if she wants to come out there will be more room for her to move about. I used this method with Ninja when he was a pup and it was very effective. I just don't like to lock up a pup in a little crate all night. It seems too small to me.

I was just thinking tonight how happy I am. These two pups and my family just make me happy. And that is a very good thing. More soon! Sweet puppy dreams. . .


Bandit's Pack said...

She's certainly a pretty girl, isn't she. I think the accidents are to be expected considering she's in new surroundings and a little nervous. May the happiness and good times keep on rollin'!

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