The Best Laid Plans. . . and News!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My neighbor told me about this really neat wildlife preserve close to our home with lots of trails and great places for dogs so I headed out right after work. I checked the website earlier and it said they were open until 8pm. Perhaps those are Summer hours, and even though it is warming up, it's still the tail end of a Southern California Winter, and the park closed at 4:30. How disappointing! We'll have to save that for a weekend trip.

We ended up at a local dog park and of course I forgot the camera in the car, and since we had to park a half a mile away I gave up. There was a grumpy husky who was terrorizing everyone so we didn't stay long. What's with owners who don't correct their dogs? "They're just playing" doesn't cut it with me when every time this dog "plays" the other dog growls and snaps at him. That's dog speak for "Knock it off!"

My news is something exciting, but I almost hate to write it in case it doesn't work out. But here goes! I'm meeting with a couple this weekend who are looking for a new family for their 1 year old female mini Aussie. Apparently the kids are leaving for college and the parents are working a lot, and they feel like the pup would be better with a family with another dog and a people who had time for her. I'm so excited- I can't even tell you!

Last year I found a red merle Aussie female at the local animal shelter, and rushed over, only to find she'd been adopted the day before. I got in the car and cried. Isn't that silly? I've been waiting for the right pup to come along. I thought I might wait for the breeder where we got Ninja to have another litter of pups. . . but taking in a young Aussie that needs a home would be great too. I hope that the two will see each other and it will be like music playing and they are inseparable from that moment on. It's a nice dream, isn't it? I just want them to be happy. Ninja loves other dogs and apparently so does this other pup.

I've also been looking into sheep herding. There is a local group where you can take your dog and let them herd sheep. How cute would that be? Apparently it's quite a work out for the owners too. I guess you get run over by the sheep from time to time. I'm sure my husband will bring the video camera to catch his wife being knocked over by sheep while the dog (or hopefully dogs) run wild, nipping at the sheep. I'm sure we'll be on YouTube in about 30 seconds after it happens!

So wish me luck about the new Aussie. I can't wait until Saturday. I'm like a little kid who can't wait for something to happen. :)


Bandit's Pack said...

Good luck! That sounds so exciting! I'm sure Ninja will love having a sibling. I look forward to hearing good news!

Mini Aussie Ace! said...

How did it go?? Do you have another little Aussie now?? I LOVE your blog! I must say reading some of the crazy stuff Ninja does makes me feel better! I thought maybe Ace was totally insane and I was alone haha!

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