My Pups are Playing!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm trying to watch Josh Gates on Destination Truth, but because I have two happy pups frolicking around and making so much noise, I can't exactly hear it. I'm not complaining- far from it!

These two are having a ball. They are chasing each other around, nipping at ears and necks, knocking each other over, and taking turns pining each other down.

What's noisy is the sound of nails on tile and wooden floors and the clink of collars and tags. Periodically they come in to the family room and stand there looking at us, with goofy grins on their faces.

This is a good sign! They like each other, they really like each other!! I never had any doubt, but it's wonderful to see them having a good time together.

From "Unhealthy and unhappy dogs do not play, so play serves as a barometer of their well being, indicating that a dog is well fed, in good health, and content. Dogs, like humans, do not play when they're sad or distressed." Amen to that!

Not bad for 4 days together, is it? :)


Kim said...

How sweet Tiffany-the new pup is soooo cute- but they are both adorable! I love when dogs play together- sometimes I think dogs have it all right- play, eat and sleep- what could be better?

Tiffany said...

Thanks Kim! I so agree with you. I want to eat sleep and play some days too. They definitely make me laugh.

RYKER said...

Penny is a doll, congratulations on your new addition, or should I say addiction! I want another too!

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