The Neighbor's Fence

Thursday, May 1, 2008

This happened back in November, before Ninja "learned" how to open the gate. . .

My family went to Wal-Mart for a few minutes last night. We got home about 8:30 and usually Ninja is at the door to greet us. No puppy. Typically if he's not around, he's gotten into something that he shouldn't have (like my shoes) and he knows he's in for it, so he stays outside. But even that doesn't always stop a joyful reunion. One of the happiest things for me is to see him at the door, little behind wagging furiously. As much as my family loves me, it's not quite the same thing as that complete and total unconditional love that a dog has for someone he's bonded with.

We called him, we looked around, nothing. We all went into the back yard and called him and we kept hearing his collar jingling. Finally we heard a little bark and the saddest whine ever.

It sounded like he was next door in the neighbor's backyard. Sure enough, Ninja had dug under a board in the fence and gotten it loose enough to move through, but it only went one way so once he got in the neighbor's yard he couldn't get back. (I told DH it was like the roach motel. He could in get in, but . . .)

Luckily the neighbors have a Jack Russell Terrier and were totally understanding when I was knocking on their door at 9pm and asking if I could have my wayward dog back. Their dog, Bingo, was inside or it might have been interesting. Bingo is a sweetie, but he gets a bit territorial and I don't think he would have liked Ninja barging in to his yard (very few dogs would!).

I got my pup back and then barricaded the fence with a couple of block wall bricks we had. Our neighbors (who are awesome people) had put a new piece of wood in the fence before I even got up in the morning. They are what I call "born organized." I'm always sidetracked. What was I saying? Oh yes. Ninja.

I think Poor Ninjie had really spooked himself, because he was glued to me all night (even more than usual). I think his time in the other yard had scared him and he was convinced that no one was going to come and rescue him.

I would like to say this taught him to stay in his yard, but we know that he "learned" how to operate my gate and went adventuring again in April.


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