The Dog Catcher

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Last Thursday the gate to my back yard wasn't shut all the way and Ninja decided to go adventuring. Someone called Animal Control. I would rather my pup be safe and not hit by a car or hauled off by someone, so I am assuming that the person who called was well intentioned.

My very kind neighbor saw the dog catcher and had a feeling it might be Ninja. So she ran out and found him, called him and put him back in my yard. The dog catcher saw her and demanded to take him to the pound. She was very nice and told him Ninja lived here and she would make sure he didn't get out again.

After a lengthy discussion, the Animal Control guy walked my yard to make sure Ninja couldn't get out, then dragged a bench from my porch in front of the gate. Now, the best part. The nasty note he left on my door stated that the dog could open the latch on the gate (it's a door knob). This is a real animal expert, let me tell you. The gate is hard to shut (that's why it was open) and really tough to get open. I have to pull with all my weight to open it (it's wrought iron). My 9 YO son can't open it. But my 40 pound dog can, according to this guy. Ninja must have opposable thumbs that are hidden to everyone else but this guy. Yep.

I posted the story at another forum and got lots of responses about how they hope Ninja has "learned his lesson" and will stay home. I hope so too, but let's face it- he's a puppy and dogs are curious. If the gate is open, out he'll go and I might be facing this situation again. I'd hate to see him in the slammer! I've heard lots of horror stories about the pound.

I can only be grateful that my neighbor was there and cared enough to keep him from being abducted by the brilliant Animal Control guy. There I was at work, oblivious to the life and death struggle that was going on in my own yard. OK, so it wasn't life or death, but it was freedom or doggy jail. If she hadn't been there, I would have come home and had no clue where my poor pup was. It would not have been a good night.

So the gate is now locked and will remain locked. Consider it puppy insurance. :) So in the last week Ninja has had adventures with the dog catcher and rat poison. Let's hope this week is a bit calmer.


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