Ninja and the Feather Duster

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Before Ninja was house trained he lived in his kennel during the day. Well, sort of. . .

Once upon a time there was a beautiful puppy named Ninja. Everyone who saw him exclaimed what a beautiful and sweet puppy he was. Since he was a little puppy and was learning the ways of his human family’s household, he had a special kennel in the kitchen with a soft rug and all the toys he could want, and he stayed there while his human family was at school and work. Every afternoon his human brother would come home and let him out and play with him. Ninja loved that and would bark and play, little (very little) tail wagging excitedly every time he came out to play.

One day, his human brother had baseball practice and had to leave in the late afternoon. He carefully put Ninja in his kennel with a dog biscuit and hurried away, bat and glove in hand. After a few minutes in the quiet, Ninja began investigating the sides of his kennel. With a little pushing and pawing, he realized that he could just squeeze through an opening where the clip wasn’t quite closed tightly. Soon he was running around, investigating the family room where his human family watched pictures on a screen every night, nosing around the kitchen where there were delicious smells, and chasing the black and white cat who wasn’t much fun anyway.

It wasn’t long before he made his way up the stairs and into a large room with a big square thing that had lots of room to play under. And under it he found a wonderful dog toy! It was a stick with some really soft, fluffy feathers on the end. Ninja seemed to recall seeing his human mom wave this toy over some things in the house, but she surely wasn’t having as much fun with it as he was. Soon he had torn nearly all of the feathers off of the stick, and then he thought what a grand idea it would be to show his human mom all the cool feathers, so he dragged some of them down the hall and the stairs. He pushed some of them off of the stairs and watched as they lazily floated down to the bottom. And then he brought a few more down and put them with his toys to have to play with later. All in all, there was a trail of feathers from his human mom’s room, down the stairs, and into the kitchen, and everywhere in between.

Ninja was very happy with his afternoon’s work, and was quite eager to see how much praise and love he would get when his human family would get home and see how industrious he was. . .

(There are still feathers under my bed from this adventure.)


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