Our Daily Bread

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Do all dogs love people food? As Ninja is my first dog companion, I can't answer that. DH says that one of his dogs would eat almost anything except potatoes. Ninja's Mum, Indy, is a picky eater. Give her a tortilla chip and she'll just look at you with the "What else ya got?" stare.

So far I haven't found anything that Ninja doesn't like, except perhaps apples. And that is only to say that he doesn't tear into an apple with reckless abandon like many other foods. Give him an apple slice and he'll hope for better, but if that's it, it gets eaten.

The other night we went to see Speed Racer, which all four of us loved. DH and I are both huge fans from when we were kids and we liked the movie a lot. I know some others won't agree, and that's OK (ala Stewart Smalley). But we enjoyed it.

The point is that we were out later than usual, and Ninja was home, annoyed. When we did get home the kids wanted PB&J. Fine, sounded like a great bedtime snack. Except that there was no bread. I had two loaves of bread when I made lunches the night before, now there was none. No one in my house likes plain old white bread enough to go through a loaf and a half in one day. So where was it? The rat issue has been resolved. Speaking of which, the house next door to us has been abandoned for nearly a year, which makes me wonder if the rats have moved in over there and that's why one ventured my way.

But back to Ninja and the bread. The next day I went out to straighten the back yard, which consists of gathering up anything that Ninja has confiscated that isn't his. And guess what I found? Yep. Two shredded bread wrappers. He must have worked hard to get those loaves of bread off of my counter. And apparently the one didn't satisfy him. Time for a bread box. Oh, I forgot. Ninja has opposable thumbs. Nevermind. . .


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