Ninja and the Christmas Tree

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The ribbons I like to weave into my Christmas tree were just too hard for my puppy to resist. Every year I take the different color ribbons and start from the top of the tree and weave them down all the way to the bottom. They always make the tree look beautiful! About a week after we put up the tree we came home to this.

Ninja sat right in front of the tree and looked so innocent. Gee, they just came off of the tree and I thought I'd sit here to guard them. Yeah, that's it. Right after this picture he swiped a ribbon and took off with it into the back yard.

Then he came back to the scene of the crime, plopped down in the pile of ribbons, this time with my sunglasses case. I put the ribbons back up, but left the bottom third empty so Ninja wouldn't have quite the temptation


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