Bath Time!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

And don't we look happy?

When we took the pups to the Paw Spa this weekend we decided to put them in the same tub and wash them together.  Most of the time they huddled together like they were being tortured instead of bathed.

Penny doesn't look too unhappy, but she's the one who likes water.  Ninja tolerates the bath but that's about it.

They came out shiny and soft and smelling like coconut.

Oh, and we are on a doggy diet.  Little Penny isn't so little these days and I worry about her health.  So she and Ninja are on weight management food and it has made their coats sparkle!  A couple of weeks into it and I'm seeing them slim down a little, so I think we are on the right track.  Watching what they eat has made me realize that we were going more than a bit heavy on the treats.  It's so easy to overindulge your fur babies when you love them.  But this is for their own good!  :)  I'll keep you posted.


RYKER said...

Ummm, Coconut, nice. That is a big tub! Hope you both enjoy running around like crazy dogs when it is much fun!

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