The Queen Takes Her Throne!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

 When Penny first came to live with us, she seemed to enjoy riding in the car, but she always curled up in the back seat on the floor.  I've seen her improve significantly over the past few months (like coming up to be petted and hanging out with the family when we watch TV), and today she took her throne on the front seat when we went for a ride to the Paw Spa.  We didn't get a bath today (they need one but we ran out of time) but I buy their special dog food there and we were all out!  Just look at her little sweet face.  She's so enjoying hanging out in the front and watching everything going on.

Of course Ninja kept trying to push his way up there too, but she wasn't budging.  Good for her! 

And they are slimming down and looking so shiny with their new food.  I'm seeing Penny slowly lose her extra weight but better than that I see her so much more active!  She and Ninja played outside with the neighbor dogs and she was running around like a puppy with them.

And I found an excellent treat for them today.  They both go crazy and will do anything for green beans, of all things.  Green beans are good for them and won't pack on the pounds, so that's an excellent treat.

All the Aussies and humans in this house are looking forward to turning our clocks back tonight! Enjoy your extra hour of sleep.


Emma Rose said...

What extra hour of sleep? We got up at our usual time - only now it's 4am instead of 5am! The Duchess had to get up too :)

Have a great day!

Emma Rose

Tiffany said...

We take every extra hour of sleep we can get around our house! :)

RYKER said...

Looking Good Penny! Mom says she's always ready for an extra hour of sleep!

Tiffany said...

Thanks Ryker!

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