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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Please ignore the fact that my yard desperately needs mowing.  First, it's too darned hot here right now, and second, I'd rather take the time to play with the dogs and walk with them than to terrorize them with the mower.  It will get done.  Besides, they like the long grass to play in.  My husband says Penny looks like an Ewok running in the grass.

Anyway, this cracked me up when I saw these two napping outside.  Penny is like me.  She doesn't like being in the sun.  Silly Ninja, on the other hand, will lay out in the sun until he comes running inside and nearly burns my hands with his blazing black coat.

Goodness, it was over 100 degrees today!  They did this early this morning, then the afternoon was spent in the air conditioned house with both pups spread out on the cool tile. And I have to admit I did a little napping myself this afternoon in the nice cool house.

Speaking of sleeping (one of my favorite topics!) I bought the pups a huge dog bed last week at Costco and they are so cute curled up together on it together.  It has special foam in it, just like my bed so they can be comfy when they sleep.  :) 

One of my favorite things is to come home to see them running to greet me.  Penny is a "talker."  She grunts and play growls in greeting.  Ninja whines and snorts.  But dogs are always happy to see you, and mine are especially sweet. 


RYKER said...

Very cute, I like how they are so different.

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