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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I was always told that two years old was the magic number for a mini Aussie. I guess it's true because my wild, chewing everything he can find puppy has turned into a wonderful adult dog. He grew out of the submissive urinating all over my husband (thank heavens!) and he rarely takes anything out in the yard that he shouldn't have these days. He did nab the paper towel I used to drain tacos on the other night. I guess it smelled good to him, but at least it was out of the trash and not while there was food on it.

There is one funny thing I've accidentally trained him to do. I say accidentally because it started off as a game and now I believe Ninja thinks this is what he's supposed to do. That's accidental training, LOL.

When I let him off leash at the dog park he runs at me, growls ferociously, and hip checks me. He's about 45 pounds now, so I have to pay attention or I'll be flattened. To anyone watching it looks like I'm being attacked! When I correct him he stops immediately, but it looks so funny and sounds so viscous, but if you look closely that little behind is wagging as fast as it can go.

As I type this Ninja is curled up at my feet, probably hoping well head to the dog park at any moment. As Martha would say, It's a good thing.


Bandit's Pack said...

I'm excited to find someone else with a mini Aussie blog! I look forward to reading about Ninja. Check out our blog. Our Bandit will be nine months in a couple of weeks.

Tiffany said...

He's so cute! Definitely check out Bandit's blog at

Go Aussies!!!

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