A Well Behaved Pup

Saturday, October 31, 2009

What a change from the rowdy, mischievous, bread stealing, shoe chewing pup I had in my house just a few short months ago.

Look at Ninja now, on Halloween Night. We go a little crazy with decorations on Halloween. We have the two fog machines (yes, two), the graveyard in the front yard, a ghost that shrieks when you walk up, and on and on.

The last couple of years I've had to keep Ninja on leash for the festivities, because, let's face it, all the action and hundreds of costumed kids shrieking and running around was just too much for a puppy.

Ninja was never aggressive, but he wanted to greet everyone and see what they had and check out why the house is all crazy with fog and ghouls.

But I think this photo says it all. He's curious and watching, but won't go an inch nearer to that door unless I release him from the stay command. Now that's success!

Happy Halloween!


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