Another Hike up Mt Rubidoux

Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm a bit behind on this blog, but partly it's because Ninja is actually getting better. Apparently there is this magic thing about when an Aussie turns two, he gets out of that puppy stage and all the lessons you've been droning on and on about finally start to make sense. So that means I haven't had a lot to write about lately. That's actually a good thing!

So on December 31, my daughter and I celebrated the New Year by hiking up Mt. Rubidoux. This time we took the steep route up. The road is getting a bit cracked in places. They stopped allowing cars on this road in 1996. Looks like it was a good idea! This trip was about 2 miles (one way), whereas the less steep trip is 4 miles.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day. Look at the view halfway up the hill. The mountains in the distance have a nice sprinkling of snow. Ninja was very happy to carry his pack up the hill. Many people smiled and commented on how smart it was to let the pup carry his own gear on the hike. That's one neat thing about this particular hike - there are always a lot of people around, so you don't feel isolated. Not that Ninja would ever let anyone hurt us, but it's nice to know it probably won't come to that on this hike.

Here we are stopping for a water break. Ninja seems to like the view here!


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