Mt Roubidoux Hike

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Is this one happy Mini Aussie or what? He's got his backpack on because we all went on a hike up Mt Roubidoux in Riverside on Saturday. We braved the chilly weather, but of course Ninja didn't seem to mind at all.

It was about 4 miles up and back and Ninja was flying at first but settled down as we got into a rhythm. At the top of the mountain there is a very tall cross you can see from miles away. There is also a huge American flag, and lots of plaques. Mt. Roubidoux is famous for its Easter Sunrise Services.

We climbed up the trail and had lunch at the top. We had picked up sandwiches from our favorite place, Butch'sGrinders, which is right by the entrance to Mt Roubidoux Park. The kids had turkey and cheese and I had an Italian sandwich. Of course Ninja had his share of all of our sandwiches and chips!

As we headed down it started to sprinkle. You could see the rain coming across the valley toward us, but luckily it never got too rainy. Just cold and misty.

I'll post more pictures of the hike shortly. I thought this was just such a cute picture of the pup!


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