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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

 I decided to cut the Aussies short, take a look at this photo.  They look happy, but hot.  This was a Mt Rubidoux hike a few weeks ago and they were feeling the heat and all that hair.  I wasn't sure if Penny was up to a four  mile hike, but she did it like a trooper!

My daughter and I love this hike.  And every time we get comments about how we have the cutest dogs on the trail.  Yes, of course we do!  :)

And away we go.  You can see we are almost to the top if you look to the right corner of the picture.  Just around that corner is the top, with lovely, shady trees and the cross on the mountain top where they hold Easter services every year at dawn.  Wasn't the sky beautiful that day?   My daughter does not usually walk both of them, but I needed her to take them so I could take a photo!


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