All Sassy for Summer!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Last week was hot. On Wednesday it was over 90 and I was miserable. The Aussies looked pretty hot and uncomfortable too. Plus we have dog hair in every possible corner with these two fluffy dogs. Thank goodness it is a little cooler this week!

I made an appointment this morning to get them trimmed up for the Summer. I'm sure they will be much cooler and hopefully we won't be watching "hair spiders" (as my husband calls them) fly across the floor this Summer every five minutes. Well, at least not as much.

When we came home this afternoon we played with the dogs from next door in our combined front yards. Don't they look sassy under the shade if the tree in my front yard?

You have to love this picture from the back. It looks so nice to have all that long, messy hair trimmed up. Ninja almost looks like a puppy with his hair cut this way. His little puppy rump looks like a little rottweiler. Yes, I miss the long, pretty hair these dogs have, but surely they have to be more comfy with out all that hair. It will grow back by the Fall anyway.

They even put little bows on Penny, but I had to take them off because she kept trying to take them off, and shake her head in puzzlement. Isn't this just so adorable?

When I went to pick them up from the Paw Spa, I asked Donna if they were good. Her answer was, "What do you mean by good?" I guess they didn't overly enjoy the experience of being groomed.

But don't they look beautiful? They are so soft and shiny. They only real problem is that you can see what the hair was hiding- that they are both a little round and are getting too many table scraps. Yep, you and me both Penny and Ninja! :)


Mama Dash said...

love the bows. dash does not take fondly to dressing up either :)

Tiffany said...

Yeah, the bows lasted about 20 minutes, but boy they were cute while they lasted!

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