Almost Back in Order

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I've been away from blogging since "The Great Flood" while we get the house back in order. It's almost there. Yippee! It almost feels like a whole new house!

In the meantime, the Aussies are doing great. Penny had her vet's appointment last week and the vet claimed she is in perfect health. . .except she's a little. . .umm. . . fluffy? OK, Dr V said she was fat. Well, she fits right in with us, right? We're all a little fluffy in my house these days. I can't help but share yummy table scraps with my beautiful fur babies.

Plus we haven't been going on the long walks we usually do, and McDonald's has amazing sweet tea for 99 cents! (Before you freak out, I do not feed the dogs sweet tea! I was merely trying to point out that I succumb to temptation of sweet tea pretty easily, and therefore I have become a bit fluffy too these days, lol).

That's not to say we aren't walking at all. I would never do that to my sweet pups! It's just that a usual 1 hour walk has been shortened to about 20 minutes. I promised Dr. V we'd all make more of an effort to get back on track.

I'm noticing more good things in Penny. She's coming to my husband when he calls her. Before she seemed more nervous around him than anyone else, but she's decided he's OK, especially when he's got a chicken nugget for her. (You see my point about fluffy?)

She now comes and lays down with us when we watch TV at night, where before she'd stay under the kitchen table. She was always close to us, but she seemed to like the cover of the table. But the best thing is that she doesn't immediately hop and run away when you walk by her. Before she'd hop up and move away when any of us walked by. We've all been on the same page about totally ignoring her as we walk by, and it seems to be working because she's starting to realize that no one is going to hurt her.

So these are all good thing. Ninja, of course, will lay right in front of you with his belly in the air so you have to practically jump over him. I guess that's a relaxed, confident dog!

I love to hear the two of them play in the yard. They bark and snarl and chase each other around and it is so cute!

I'm hoping this weekend to go for a nice walk and take lots of pictures. Happy Memorial Day weekend!


Mama Dash said...

glad to hear your house is back in order. penny sounds like dash. he used to lay under the table too, but now he likes to snuggle more on the couch with us. it's a welcome change.

Mini Aussie Ace! said...

Ah! I wondered what had happened to you guys!!!
I am very happy to hear everything is better now since the flood!!!
*sigh* I am just now getting back into a work out routine trying to shed my "winter warmth" haha.

I wanted to let you know that I read Cesar's book *Be the Pack Leader* like you told me to, and it was amazing! The thing is, I now find myself quoting him numerous times daily. I feel like Ace's daddy is going to strangle me if I mention Cesar one more time haha No no Im kidding.

I feel like it is already helping me with Ace. It is hard though sometimes to remember to remain calm and be assertive. When Ace looks at me with those cute eyes *Like Boots in shrek* I can't help but give in...*sigh* I am trying though!!

I am going to read Cesar's other books now! I just love his teachings!!!

Thank you so much for the advice!!!!
Take Care!!

PS-I hope you don't mind, but I mentioned you in my last blog post and linked your blog to it!! :) I was talking about Cesar's book of course! haha

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